Layout & Formatting of a Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis & Dissertation

Many students commission us with the layout and formatting of a bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation or homework. The layout and formatting of a bachelor thesis or master thesis is done according to the formatting guidelines of the university you submit to us. For the layout or the formatting of a dissertation, essay writing in addition to the chair specifications, doctoral candidates also submit the formatting guidelines of the publisher, with which the dissertation is published.

We have an experienced and large team of formators and layouters and offer the layout and formatting of a bachelor thesis, master thesis and dissertation in Word and OpenOffice (LibreOffice). If time is at a premium, you can quickly format and layout your master’s thesis, bachelor thesis or doctoral thesis in just 3h or 6h.

What is done with formatting or layout?

In principle, a master’s thesis, bachelor’s thesis and dissertation are formatted according to the specific requirements of your university, the institute or the publisher. Should there be no concrete or only incomplete specifications for layout and formatting, e.g. Give your bachelor thesis or master thesis (formatting regulations), the thesis is formatted according to the “quasi-standards” defined by us and resulting from many years of experience.

Components of formatting & layout

Homogenization / standardization of appearance according to specifications.

Unification of page margins, line spacing, indents and font sizes.

Correct determination and positioning of page numbers (pagination) e.g. all directories before the content after roman and ab content after arabic numerals.

Creation of dynamically updatable directories (e.g., table of contents from the outline headings, list of figures and table index from the titles of figures and tables).

Existing directories such as list of abbreviations, bibliography or bibliography are formatted as far as possible (but not created, resorted or even reformatted in detail, for example individual data within source or bibliographical references).

Footnotes are formatted, e.g. Line spacing and front indentation unified as much as possible (there is no reformatting within footnotes and no change in the sequence of dates).

Figures and tables are adjusted as far as possible to the type area (figures and tables are not modified or created in detail, but only scaled, if they are compact and consist of either a graphic or a true Word table, images or tables are oversized so adjusted as well as possible or not).

  • For formatting & layout often booked service
  • Optimization and creation of tables
  • Make illustrations, diagrams, graphics
  • PowerPoint presentation

How long does the formatting of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis take?

In standard time it takes about formatting a bachelor thesis or master thesis (about 30 – 50 pages), about 2 working days

Express formatting: You can quickly format a bachelor thesis or master thesis within 24h, 12h or faster.

Formatting over the weekend or over holidays is possible!

TIP: Free reservation of formatting and layout

For the reservation of a formatting no additional reservation fees are calculated, it is thus free of charge. Several times a year there are peak times in which frequently bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, dissertations and seminar papers are submitted for formatting. Despite our rather large formatter team, bottlenecks can occur. For your own planning security you should book a reservation.

The advantages of a reservation:

  • The reservation is free (without additional reservation fees).
  • The formatting is scheduled for your desired time window contractually guaranteed.
  • You get maximum planning security.
  • Express formatting can be scheduled safely.

You remain flexible in terms of time: If you contact us by e-mail at least 3 days before the agreed delivery date, we could arrange a new date for the submission of your work.