Service for the rewriting of a bachelor thesis, master thesis & dissertation

Many students and Ph.D. students use our service to systematically rewrite or rewrite individual blocks of text or entire bachelor theses, master theses, dissertations as well as term papers, seminar papers and Matura papers. We offer rewriting in German, British and American English, French, Spanish and Italian. The systematic rewriting of texts from your homework, term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis, we offer you, if a scientific editing should not be enough. Systematic rewriting means that the submitted scientific text is rewritten or restructured sentence by sentence. We make sure that content-related statements are not changed as far as possible. You are under time pressure? Then we can help you with our Service Express rewrite and rewrite your work very quickly.

When does systematic rewriting make sense? The rewriting of your thesis is useful if the error density or the weaknesses in the writing style are significant and your bachelor thesis, master thesis, Maturaarbeit, project work or doctoral thesis on a normal editing can not be sufficiently linguistically optimized.

Uncertainty in the source work? There is also a need for rewriting scholarly texts and entire theses if you feel that you have too much faith in the original texts, or if you are unable to quote indirectly. Some students or Ph.D. students are also no longer sure whether they have already rewritten source code after a long write break or not. The reformulation of text, of course, does not mean that correct references to literature / sources can be dispensed with.

Express rewriting of your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation

It should go very fast with the rewriting of your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation? Depending on the size of our text, we can systematically rewrite your text sentence by sentence within 24 hours or a few days, using our express service for rewriting even term papers, seminar papers and Matura papers as well as specialist papers. We also provide the description over the weekend and also over public holidays.

Rewriting of texts in English, French, Spanish, Italian

You can also use our service to reformulate English, French, Spanish and Italian texts, bachelor theses, master theses, term papers, dissertations and dissertations. Our coworkers are very experienced native speaking (native speaker) lecturers. Thousands of students have their bachelor thesis, doctoral thesis or master’s thesis rewritten in English (American & British English), French, Italian, Spanish and German.

  • Components of the rewrite service (reformulation, rewriting)
  • Systematic rewriting (reformulation) of text
  • Proofreading of spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Style optimization (improvement of the expression / spelling in the direction of scientific writing style, colloquial language is avoided)
  • Feedback from the editor on abnormalities such as structure, citation / source work, consistency, coherence, content redundancies (repetitions), logic, conclusions

Who would reformulate the text of your thesis?

Scientific texts and theses are rewritten by our highly experienced science lecturers, all of whom have relevant experience in academic texts, theses or publications in all major disciplines. They are in the language in which they are rewritten, e.g. German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, native speakers.

  • Supported languages ​​(rewriting)
  • German (High German, Swiss German)
  • English (American English and British English)
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French

How fast can text be rewritten?

  • In standard time, with an understandable text of about 20 standard pages, within about 3-4 working days
  • In the Express (Express rewrite), in such a text, within 48h or faster (Express rewrite)

For emergencies, we offer the reformulation of text over the weekend, over holidays or overnight in the Express!

TIP: Use the free reservation for a description!

The rewriting of bachelor theses, master theses and dissertations is complex and should be scheduled in time. Use our free reservation service. In addition, there are several phases of high demand throughout the year, because a large number of theses are submitted for editing, proofreading and rewriting. So that it does not come to unpleasant surprises when submitting your work, you should now reserve for free.

IMPORTANT: Despite reservation, you will stay flexible in case you need longer to complete the work you want to submit for rewriting.

The rewrite is guaranteed and implemented on reservation for a specific time window.

Planning security for you and the creation of the remaining texts.

Especially with the express reformulation (also overnight, over the weekend or holidays) a prior reservation is very advantageous.

You stay flexible despite reservations. If you need more time to finalize your text than originally planned, you would have to call us at least 4 days before the agreed delivery date (delivery to us) by e-mail a new desired date. We check the feasibility and give you e-mail feedback on a new binding date.

Upgrade from standard time to express conversion! If you need, unlike originally agreed, more time for the finalization of the text to be submitted or need the finished transcribed text earlier, you can contact us in writing to charge for surcharge, the express implementation for rewriting.

Rewriting in Europe

Rewriting for the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation book many of our clients. The students come from the cities: Siegen, Darmstadt, Wuppertal, Mainz, Erlangen, Bielefeld, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen, Leipzig, Bremen, Munich, Bochum, Kiel, Jena, Bonn, Kaiserslautern, Kassel, Bamberg, Wiesbaden, Essen, Frankfurt , Göttingen, Duisburg, Berlin, Saarbrücken, Halle (Saale), Erfurt, Magdeburg, casting, Aachen, Krefeld, Tübingen, Braunschweig, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Marburg, Freiburg, Oldenburg, Ravensburg, Osnabrück, Chemnitz, Hamburg, Paderborn, Potsdam, Rostock, Freiburg, Dortmund, Rostock, Karlsruhe and Trier.

Rewriting also for students from Switzerland and Austria: Sion, Vienna, Neuchâtel, Leonding, Chur, Feldkirch, Freiburg, Köniz, Villach, Bregenz, Sankt Pölten, Biel, Schaffhausen, Graz, Vernier, Berne, User, Salzburg, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Steyr, La Chaux -de-Fonds, Klagenfurt, Biel, Dornbirn, Wels, Thun, Innsbruck, Linz, Lugano, Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, Lausanne and Basel.

Rewriting for many departments

Our clients for the rewriting of the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation come from these departments: Management, Humanities, Engineering, Education, Teacher Training, Social Sciences, Linguistics, Medicine, Business Administration, Economics, Human Sciences, Social Education, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Media Studies, Business Informatics, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering.

Note *: All prices are starting prices per standard page text and serve as a guide. These are net prices plus applicable VAT. A standard page is equivalent to 1600 characters incl. Space text. The prices quoted are not binding. Only after reviewing and assessing the submitted text can a concrete offer be made.